First ‘new’ weekend done

I had a night out with other mums so AH stayed in the house with the kids.  He let me take the car there which was nice.  Got back home as planned at 10 am and he left to the brother’s.  Lovely lazy morning with the kids; before going to pick up a bike I’d bought from TradeMe for Master 10 (AH said he didn’t need one despite Master 8 desperately needing to get his big brother’s one as he’s outgrown his, so I’m going to pay from my money for it).  He offered this afternoon to pay half of it so that it comes from both of us, rather than just me.

I’d had the kids for a few hours in the middle of the day yesterday as AH had offered to help friends move (I had to do some setting up for a judo comp but could at least have the kids with me there).  Being only 8 doors down is not ideal as the kids felt they could go between the houses.  Oh well, they move into their new place in two weeks.  The friends had drinks that evening for those who’d helped move, so AH went there with the kids … and of course the brother and GF.  I was told they left at 7.30 to get the kids to bed, but Master 8 fell asleep in the car to pick up the bike so I think it might have been later.  Not pleased that the kids are having late nights as, I’ll get them back on Sunday and they’ll be exhausted.  Will give it a few week to see if it was a one-off.  Am curious if the girlfriend had many wines before driving all 6 of them home, in their small car too.


  1. nice not to have to head to the rental;
  2. playing Headbandz at a friend’s this evening with them and the kids – they all laughed their heads off;
  3. it’s my birthday tomorrow.  Not expecting anything from AH but looking forward to pj day, DVDs and general laziness with the offspring.

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