Riding the power & control circle!

Get a text from AH early asking if I’m getting Miss 5, will the boys also be with me?  No honey – that’s not what you wanted last night.  You checked that you’d have the car remember so you’re meant to be getting them from school and taking them to swimming?

I call him and say he needs to get the boys as I’m only getting the girls.  I want to get things calmer between us so ask if it would help if I got the boys as well (he’s meant to go to the head office so likely to only get back after 4).  I let him know we need to get things more amicable between us so I’ll do it, and I won’t bring it up again as he claimed I do.  He agrees it needs to improve and asks what I want from him in return.  Despite still wanting to do quiz night tomorrow, I say I want nothing.  I’m not doing to get one in the bank; I’m doing it to get things back to a better place.  He suggests we meet up and I agree it’s a good thing to do.  Just not yet.

He takes the boys to swimming and I invite him to have dinner when they get back.  I don’t want him to stick around after yesterday so want to take all 3 kids to Master 10’s judo but Master 8 doesn’t want to and won’t give it up.  AH asks why I’m so keen to take them and I let him know.  He wants to stay and I can’t be bothered fighting anymore with Master 8 so I leave them home – and hope he doesn’t use the time to swipe stuff for his flat.  That’s how little trust I have in him now.

Positives from the day:

  1. found a babysitter for tomorrow, so Cinderella still gets to go to the … quiz;
  2. good playdate for Miss 5 (could’ve gone one way of the other with one of the equally-dominant friends);
  3. Master 10 is REALLY excited about having his time with me this week.  I feel special!

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