Left out in the cold

Winter is coming!  [sorry, Game of Thrones is on so couldn’t resist].

Today, it became very clear what happens to mutual friends in a separation.  It’s an episode of Project Runway .. “one day you’re in, and the next, you’re out”.  And you realise that, as much as you can see that it’s for the best, it still smarts!

Master 9 had a mate over for a play.  His mum comes to pick him up (she’s the hostess-with-the-mostess who has us at hers for Friday sanity!).  Lets me know something verrrry interesting …

(a)  the social group AH and I were part of are arranging New Years at a beach an hour away (we did it 4 years or so back – it wasn’t amazing).  AH has been invited.  I haven’t;

(b)  the other core member of Friday social (whose partner works with AH) made a pointed trip to another attendee’s house to “warn” her about me.  AH has been using his colleague/her partner as a sounding board.  I’ve made a concerted effort NOT to involve her.  And now, she’s gone to #4’s place to try and sway her to HIS side.  WTF!!?  Thankfully, #4 could see through it and can make up her own mind;

(c)  same core member has arranged weekly ‘walks’ with Miss 5’s teacher.  This comes after Miss 5’s teacher came to our Friday sesh, and we got on great.

I’m disgusted at her behaviour.  She’s been invited to the New Year’s thing and I don’t feel any loss about that.  But to purposefully get herself involved in turning others against me … what the hell is that about?  She’s only having her partner telling her AH’s version of events – again, I have no issue with that.  But a true friend would let the other know what was being said.

A true friend would definitely do this!  reasons  And she hasn’t.

I’m also told that another mutual ‘friend’ was feeding her things I was posting on FB, which made this [vindictive, deceitful bitch] actually start checking her FB to see what I was saying.  I’ve looked and only one post in the past 6 months points decidedly to AH.  So it’s not like there’s much there!  I’d already distrusted this person sufficiently to put her on my acquaintance list a few months back, but now I can add another gossip to that list.  You have an issue .. come ask me about it!

Thankfully, the friend whose told me this (whilst probably shouldn’t have told me as it’s only going to end badly, as I’m not someone who can let disloyalty go) can see through this person.  I really have to put that circle to one side, and find another one that better suits my needs!  And LOYALTY and HONESTY are paramount.

And feelings to one side – here’s the reality of the past 24-hours.

Lovely night with Master 9 and Miss 5.  They’re kind and caring towards each other; even sitting on the floor giving each other cuddles.  Not a fight to be had.  Even if I did end up with both of them in my bed.

AH drops Master 10 back at 07:13!!  Pretty sure we said in mediation it was to be between 07:30-07:45 … and surely he’d want as much time as possible with his kids.  Wouldn’t he?

Recycling day.  Not a bad effort from the bro …20150923_090256

and from AH ….20150923_085632

Master 10 is being an utter bully to Master 9.  He didn’t realise I was watching as he took out Master 9 with a knee to the leg in a game of backyard football.  Consequence: he ate his dinner after we’d all finished.  He still pushed boundaries after dinner when I said he could have fruit … and he helped himself to yoghurt.

So we chat this evening after our reading.  I’m told I’m stricter than Daddy.  Apparently, at Daddy’s, they were play-fighting.  Master 9 hit Master 10’s head so Master 10 threw Master 9’s head into the wall.  AH’s response: “finish it or I’ll come smash both your heads” [ad verbatim from Master 10].

And I’M the harder parent!!!???

Wow!  Today is the gift that just keeps on giving!!

So turning it around, positives are:

  1. knowing who your friends are;
  2. phenomenal bacon & egg pie for dinner;
  3. Miss 5.  She’s bossy and stroppy and determined and headstrong … and sooo mature!

2 thoughts on “Left out in the cold

  1. Yes, learning who your friends are is so true. After he left and how he left, almost all of our friends sided with me. Of course most of his family stopped talking to me. I heard that he told them I was lying about everything and that I was a lesbian, LOL. After 25 years and they all just leave me. I understand loyalty to your family but, oh well. Maybe it’s better, less of a reminder I guess. Hang in there. You will be fine, it just takes time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comment. A lesbian huh? He put you off men THAT much lol ;). His family already showed their colours last year when we had a split – no surprise now at their attitude. Hope you’re doing ok!


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