Breathing easier

Third day of sunshine and it really lightens the mood … although that could do with having less to do with AH.

Kids go to a holiday programme for the first time today.  Miss 5 was a bit anxious but saw one of her school friends there so let me leave.  Boys were both ecstatic as their ‘idol’ was there … he’s a little shite (the offspring of AH’s colleague and my vindictive Friday drinking ‘buddy’) and I really wish they’d see him for the disrespectful, bully he is.  He plays GTA (the one where you go off into a dark room with a prostitute apparently) and I wonder if he’s spoken about that with my boys which has sown the ‘naked ladies’ idea … not that I’m blaming him for my kids’ decision to search online for it or excusing their behaviour.

Good day at work – even if a third of it has gone to pay for the holiday programme.  Text AH to ensure he knows he’s to pick up Miss 5 for her 1-on-1 at 4.30.  ‘Tis all understood!

He arrives on time and off they go – she insists on walking, which he can’t be happy with.  Day of playdates planned tomorrow so busy, busy, busy!


  1. these beautiful sunny days we’re having!  I LOVE summer!;
  2. Empire being back on – “game time bitches”;
  3. that the kids have enjoyed their holiday programme.  I don’t want them to do it often, but it’s good they’re balanced enough to deal with it when needed; and
  4. a special extra one: speaking with my parents who are looking to come down for Miss 5’s birthday.  Master 9 in particular has cried twice now about missing Poppa so they’ll all love the surprise, if it comes off!

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