Day 4 of sunshine ..

.. and it’s another great day.  AH drops Miss 5 back at 7.30 am:  I’ve just opened my eyes as the boys have quietly plonked themselves in front of the tele.  It’s holidays after all.  Miss 5 hasn’t had breakfast (they’re meant to come back fed, but apparently they woke up late).

Drop Master 9 off for his play, then pick up Miss 5’s mate.  Master 10’s mate gets dropped off and the foursome worked great: both boys entertained the girls without causing any stress.  Had Master 9 been in the mix, it wouldn’t have worked so well.

Baked a lemon loaf then used ingredients that the neighbour had dropped off to make a bacon and egg pie, before getting lunch sorted for the kids.  Finally got out the door to go to Levin adventure park – only an hour later than planned.  Kids had a great time.  It was 17ºC at 4 pm coming back so summer is definitely near.

Drop Master 10’s friend to his home then back to ours for a bit of a chill.  Had to go to AH’s to pick up the stepladder he took (if my mum does come, windows need a clean :)).  Ask him what time he’ll get the kids tomorrow (8.30) and where Master 9 should be dropped off, as he’s been invited to stay the night.  Amazed that AH has arranged for the 3 kids to go to Craft Garden tomorrow … I mean, Miss 5 will love it, but Masters 9 and 10 have a fair bit of testosterone and to expect them to do CRAFT for 6 hours is ridiculous.  Master 10 tells him he doesn’t want to go, but is told AH has paid for it so he’s going.  Master 10 looks to me for support, but I can’t give it to him – it’s Daddy’s day/choice.  Ask what’s planned for Friday and am flabbergasted … his colleague (the partner of my two-faced Friday buddy) is taking the day off to be with his kids so AH is planning on giving him my 3 as well.  WHAT. THE. HELL!!!

This guy’s kids aren’t the most pleasant.  They allow their boy way too much time on the Xbox and his iPad – playing age-inappropriate games.  The daughter is mostly lovely but when she loses her rag, she loses it real good.  Hardly the daddy-day-care I want for my kids.

I ask whether AH’s taking any time off to look after the kids these holidays and he doesn’t know if he can.  I think he was relying on my going off to Taupo (he claimed he wasn’t aware that I wasn’t – but his colleague wouldn’t have kept that quiet).

It’s sitting really uncomfortably that this is what AH thinks constitutes holiday care.  His own thoughts on this colleague and his partner’s parenting are that it’s lacking.  AH was ready to punch this colleague last year as they weren’t getting on well at work and he felt this colleague was selling him down the river.  AH was happy, when we signed Master 10 up to soccer at the start of winter, to put him up a grade to avoid having this colleague as his coach/playing in the same team as his son.  What a difference a separation and desperation makes!


  1. a successful 5-hour playdate for 4;
  2. being given 6 free movie passes by the expressway builders which sorts out my Tuesday next week; and
  3. sitting down at the end of a busy day …. aaaaahhhhhhh!

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