Go away, migraine

It’s been lurking for the past week.  This evening, the aura starts – the vision going patchy – and am struggling to think of words.  Take some aspirin, and will head to bed real soon.

A massage is needed.  Stress has pushed me.  I can’t be having a migraine on my days as I’m unable to do anything if it kicks in.

Miss 6 is invited to two parties: one on Friday evening and one at 11:00 today.  Ever since she broke her arm, she’s said she doesn’t want to go to them.  I’d told the mums she wasn’t keen anymore coz of her arm, but I’d let them know if she changed her mind.  AH texted me at 10:56 asking if he can pick up the present for today’s party.  Yup, 4 minutes before it starts.   Let him know that I’d told the mum she probably wouldn’t be coming, so he’d need to let her know that’s changed, and I’d leave the [unwrapped] present out.  I wrap the present while waiting for them to come so that they wouldn’t be even later.

They don’t turn up so I call AH to see if they’re coming.  He can’t get hold of the mum so decides that they’re not going after all.  What a mess!

Miss 6 was pretty much forced to agree to going to a party that she didn’t want to go to (she was adamant that she wouldn’t be going when we spoke on Thurs).  Then, once she got her head around going, she’s told she wouldn’t be going.  Piss up … brewery!  

Picked up Miss 6 for 1-on-1 at 15:45.  One of the dads is at AH’s (another one of the friendships that I have instigated by making friends with his wife, and subsequently meeting her hubby then introducing him to AH).  They’re drinking beer (Miss 6 tells me they’ve been at the pub for lunch with this dad too).  Sputnik calls while I’m there and they’re heading round for a BBQ.  Master 9 is off for a sleepover and I have Miss 6: I feel sorry for Master 10 as he will be left to himself this evening while AH, his bro and Sputnik effectively ignore him.

Ask Miss 6 what should would prefer for Fridays:  me to pick her up or to go to afterschool care?  She says she wants to be with me.  Need to ask the boys individually as well, as I’m still concerned that AH has not put the wishes and best interests of the kids first.


  1. avocado on toast;
  2. doing some bling with Miss 6.  Oh boy, not great for my OCD tendencies 🙂

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