Nice to see you, Tuesday

Tuesday has long been my most disliked day of the week.  On Mondays, generally there still exists the high of the weekend and the day flies as you spend a large part of it discussing your and their weekends with friends/colleagues.  Wednesday = Hump Day and you know it’s on the downhill once it’s done.  Thurs is Friday Eve, and Friday, well, Friday needs no introduction.

But Tuesday was always just the *bleurgh* day that was as far away from the upcoming weekend as could be.

But Tuesday is now a happy day for me…

A school mum has started a yoga class right over the road from the kids’ school, right after the morning bell has gone.  I haven’t been to yoga since I was pregnant with Ms6 and I’ve missed it.  Whilst I struggle with the relaxation at the end (other women would be snoring away in their mini-coma, while my mind sprinted over the things I had to do that day), I loved the toning and extra flexibility it gave me, along with the simple awareness of breath!


So today was my 2nd class.  And it’s great.  She’s a wonderful teacher, there’s a really nice bunch of other mums and I’m getting some precious, much-needed “me” time into my life.  [Next step:  I might even read a book!  Not a self-help book or kid’s book.  An adult book for MEEEE!]

Work is busy on a Tuesday too, as I don’t usually work on a Monday, so it flies by.

And to top it off, I lose a child to AH for 1-on-1.  Now don’t jump to an incorrect conclusion (as AH invariably would).  I love my kids.  Above all else!  But I’m finding that when it goes down to 2, they’re nicer to, and support, the other.  They go out of their way to help.  They laugh more.  And if they’re doing that, the knock-on effect is that so will I.

So I no longer hate Tuesdays.  I might even look forward to them if this keeps up 🙂


  1. yoga – no pain, no gain, right?!
  2. AH emailing before 9 am to ask if he can drop M11 back to me at 7.30 tomorrow after his 1-on-1  (he won’t have his car as it’s being fixed apparently … why he’d book it in when he’s got to drop a kid to school, I don’t know).  But I stick to my guns and say I haven’t yet finished considering the options he put on the table so he’ll need to find an alternative, as I had said last week; and
  3. thunder and lightening again tonight.  Can’t be beat a good storm (well, so long as you’re inside with the fire roaring!).

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