Finally!  A hot, hot day.  Considering it’s a week before we officially go into autumn, and that I will be ordering my firewood for the fast-approaching winter, we had probably the hottest day of summer so far.  Decided to do an easy dinner that could be transported to the beach for a picnic and swim, which the kids enjoyed.


AH called just as we were heading out the door to say his goodnights … I will put money on there being a picnic at the beach with the kids fairly soon on his time (again, I’m supposedly a ‘terrible parent’, yet he sounded surprised/jealous when he heard our plans so feel he’ll steal this idea too.  Going down to the beach for dinner would never have been something he’d have done.  If he were a bird, he’d be a magpie.  Always hated magpies .. lol!).

Minimal contact with him which was great (he only texted asking if we’re still swapping 1-on-1 to Friday this week, as I’m off to a local music festival).  Can’t help but feel he’s planning some attack behind the scenes.  It’s like when the kids go quiet; you KNOW they’re up to mischief!

My sister called tonight with bad news: (i) she’s been dumped by the guy she only moved in with a few months ago … he seems to share many of AH’s immature traits and inability to communicate so perhaps a good thing she’s out of it now; and (ii) Mum’s in hospital with low white blood cells.  The latter makes me think again of how unfair/annoying/sad it is that I’m a 6½ hour drive away.

And poor!  How nice would it be to just jump on a plane and go see the people I love who are hurting right now?!  

Positives from this beautiful day:

  1. Hotdogs and salad at the beach;
  2. Ms7 catching her first wave on her boogie board;
  3. Getting my floors mopped.  Yup!  My life is enviable 🙂

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