The blinkin’ school sores are back!  When the kids were dropped back on Sunday, M10 tells me Daddy thinks he’s got a couple on his back, which the doc confirmed this afternoon.  I’m surprised that AH didn’t text me about them until late this morning, leaving it to M10 to tell me but I suppose, by putting it in text today, he got it in writing showing what an amazing father he is.

I just don’t why/know how these kids are getting so many infections.  It’s doing my head in!

AH didn’t even speak to me to discuss it when he rang at 08:20.  God knows why he felt the need to call that early as he’d spoken to them all last night.  All it did was appear to distress them as the fights started not long after (including AH threatening ‘to give Ms7 a punch in the head’).  Might have had something to do with AH telling M12 he couldn’t give him have extra time on Wed morning … though apparently “they’d do something special”.

An otherwise busy, but good, day.  M12 finally got to spend his dog-walking savings on a tablet.  He ticked my boxes: (a) it was on sale; (b) he could buy it without needing a ‘loan’ from me; and (c) he saw the benefit of saving for a goal.  He’s pretty proud of himself and I hope it’s the start of some monetary nous for the future.

AH has got the kids tomorrow as it’s Anzac Day.  I would welcome the peace but will go to yoga and work … hardly ‘peaceful’.

Grateful for:

  1. A light at the end of the wood-stacking and laundry-putting-away tunnels;
  2. hearing that Tami Neilson is playing up the road in June; and
  3. autumn sunshine.

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