That’s what they say silence is.  And today, if I could be a colour, I’d be golden.

There’s been nothing from AH since I emailed, yesterday afternoon, the boys wanted to keep daddy-free weekend so this would form part of the court action.


I think he’s fuming!  I feel there’s something on that weekend and that’s why he’s made 2 attempts to get the kids, without actually disclosing the real reason.  It reeks of underhandedness.  I’m sure he’ll be thinking I’ve done this to be difficult but the majority of our kids have said to keep it in place … and they take precedence over him.

He could also be quiet as he’s stirring the pot with his lawyer/court.

Or he’s waiting until he gets all 3 kids back tomorrow evening so he can grill them about our conversation to find the smallest turn of phrase that the kids drop as ammunition against me.  There’s nothing that he can turn on me though as I kept the conversation extremely short, didn’t put anything on him and simply said “I’m confused now”.  Will this follow the usual path? … ie, decision is made and communicated, he has a weekend with the kids and I then get word stating ‘they have changed their minds’!  All by themselves with no swaying from him!  Yeah, right!

Ms7 is odd after her 1-on-1:  she’s clingier than usual and full of hugs right after school, but by 5.30pm, she’s giving attitude, starting fights and clearly tired.  I try and finish her grammar homework with her that we started yesterday (contractions).  Found it odd that, despite there being 8 other ‘subjects’ in her homework grid, AH chose to complete this one with her last night.  Why?!  There was talk or reading options, but clearly feels there was a point to make by finishing what I’d started, like it’s some warped competition.  Unfortunately when I asked her to explain how she’d got her answers, she had no idea.  I’m hoping that was just tiredness.

AH didn’t call to say goodnight – well, actually, he might have.  The phone rang at 6.40pm and dinner was ready so the kids had been asked to come to the table.  No message was left but I have no doubt he was testing my boundaries by calling after the 6.30 deadline.

I’ve sent a 5-page document to my lawyer setting out my reasons for wanting the court to let me take the kids north.  I feel better having gotten it down on paper and cross-referenced it to the principles that the court looks at in this situation.  I’m nervous that I’ve not heard from them yet and aren’t even sure if I’m meant to be preparing the response, or if they are.  I have put my trust in them and I hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass.

Grateful for:

  1. the new pre-bed routine of playing card games with the kids.  They’re actually pulling them out and playing with each other too;
  2. cracking out the winter sheets (I’m not grateful that it’s got cold, but love flannelette sheets!);
  3. boys being great this morning with their jobs and getting themselves to school; and
  4. [extra one] … M10.  He comes in most nights and there’s some times I send him back, but when that little arm reaches out and cuddles me in the night, I melt.  Please don’t grow up, little man!

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