Keifer #1

You’re clouded in your perception and have no idea of what my intentions are.

I dont hate you…Im embarrassed by you….for you…for the children…for your family…your skin is a reflection of whats going on inside you…you are going to fulfill your own prophecy because you are bitter and twisted…I pity you

[I’ll make this like those tv shows where they start with the present that leaves you going “what happened?” … then travels back three months to explain it all] ….


Saturday, 16 Sept 2017 – 16:00

Get M12 for 1-on-1.  My brother, his wife and daughter, and my parents are at mine for lunch so he’s excited to be the only one to get to see them [separately: I’m peeved that, knowing full well what time I’ll be coming by to get a child, AH put Ms7 in the shower so I couldn’t see her].

In the car to get his dinner, M12 tells me there’s a rumour going around ‘about a Year 9 girl at [local college] having sex with her cousin’.

Whoa …!  Not expecting that!

‘Ok’, I say, ‘do you know if it’s true?’  ‘No’, he says.  Then, I say, ‘don’t get involved, [quick overview on how rumours start/get spread/destroy people]’.

Out of curiosity, I say, ‘who told you?’ = Skank’s elder daughter [Y9 at the college and :good friends with a popular girl” who told her, so therefore MUST be true].

‘Oh, and where did this conversation take place/who else was around?’, I ask.

‘In her room with [her 11-year old sister] and Ms7’.


Tempted to ask AH about it.  But figure get more evidence first, as I know he will dispute it anyway, so best have ducks in a row.

Sunday, 17 September – 08:30

24 - 1

Supposed to be late drop-off for other 2 kids (ie 09:30).  AH texts:

Was going to text back but decide no harm calling.  AH picks up, I ask to speak to kids …

… and I explain that G’ma & Poppa will be going to church so won’t get home until 09:30 so they should enjoy their extended time with Daddy.  Ask to speak to Daddy so as not to put them in the middle.

And I get Angry Man: “you could’ve told me that.  You didn’t need to speak to them”  I try to say that ‘I’m trying to move our communication forward.  I’m staying mindful of my tone and it would be nice if he could see that’.  So he hangs up on me!


After church, we go view properties in the town where I’ll put Ms7 and M11 into their new school.  As LfC hasn’t spoken to them yet, we’ve decided to say that we’re looking for a house for G’ma & Poppa, who are looking to move down here, or at least to have a holiday house so they can visit more.  OMG!  To see AH’s face when he hears this!!

Ask Ms7 if there was a chat at Skank’s house that was something I should know about.

‘Yes’, she says.  ‘AH is probably going to try drugs at college’.

In the same conversation with Skank’s 14- and 11-year-old daughters and M12, Ms7 heard her older brother say he’d give drugs a go!!??  Jaysus!

I now have two of my kids telling me there was a conversation with Ms7 present regarding drugs and sex.

And that Skank’s 14-year old daughter was the catalyst.


I know AH won’t appreciate me pointing it out.  So I was considering bringing it up with Skank …

… then, coincidentally, bump into Skank’s ex at the supermarket so mention it to him (17:16).  He’s surprised.  He said it doesn’t sound like [eldest daughter].  I say I have two of my kids separately telling me so just worth checking.

AH calls about 17:00 to say goodnight to the kids.  He must be on drugs as really happy and chatty: ‘Hi. How are you?’. ‘Fine thanks.  And you?’. ‘Good thanks.  Can I speak to the kids please’.

‘Well’, I say, ‘can we have a chat first’.

Still, happy as Larry, he says, ‘yup, we can do that, but can I speak to the kids first’?

‘No, this won’t take long, so let’s do this, before the kids.  M12 tells me there was a conversation re sex and drugs that took place, I believe, that Ms7 was privy to which concerns me’.

‘Yup’, says he (he knew).   ‘And how much pressure did you put on M12 to get your information’?

And welcome back, AH.  I missed you …. during those 15 seconds of unusual niceity?

‘Not relevant.  Let’s focus on the conversations that took place, and whether it’s appropriate that Ms7 was present for them’.

[I actually kept moving the phone away from my ear as I recalled there’s a record button somewhere on my handset, but couldn’t find the bugger.  Whenever I brought the phone back to my ear, he was still going on his attack].

Eventually, he calmed long enough to agree with me.  Hurrah!  Result!

24-3Then comes [in sinister tones]:  ‘Be careful‘.  ‘What?’.  ‘You’re causing trouble so … [in more sinister tones] … be careful … [I put phone away from my ear to find record button again, to no avail] … why you wanted to move to [perfect house suburb]’.  Ask for more but he refuses and asks to speak to the kids.  I ask for clarification of his threat … he asks for the kids.  This repeats another one or two times … then he hangs up.

Despite letting him know my landline handset has died, he calls back on it.  Kids are on devices, so don’t even bother getting up.  He calls again.  On the landline.  Yup, the landline with the handset that’s dead … !

I put it on speaker, and let him know the handset is dead so it will be through the base unit.  Ms7 tells him that we’d spent the day looking at houses – for G’ma and Poppa.  You could audibly hear his sphincter constricting.  He could not get off that phone quick enough!

Saturday, 17 September – 17:59

I receive a text from Skank …

[credits roll, tune in tomorrow for second episode] …


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