After AH’s vile message last week, along with a couple of others, I’ve said I want his communications to go through my brother (unless urgent: then he can call on my mobile).  He’s ignored it a couple of times and sent emails that didn’t need sending, IMO.  So I’ve not replied.

And yesterday, I set up a filter so all emails from him, will go straight into a separate folder.  I don’t want to see his name come up in my inbox.  It causes anxiety.  I’d rather just choose when to see his messages.

It’s been nice and peaceful.  Mostly.  He knows he’s not to call after 6:30pm to say goodnight to the kids as it upsets them.  That’s a boundary I’m fully entitled to have in my house.  So calling at 6:22pm last night … ?  What the hell?!   M11 wants his teddy brought around (I was meant to text AH last night to ask him to drop it off, but forgot) and AH says he’ll be round in 5.  I expected he’d just drop it in the letterbox as it was well and truly after 6:30 when he arrives.  But the egg phones to say he’s there and waits at the bottom of the drive!

OMG!  My house.  My boundaries!  He really can’t handle not having control.

Gawd!  I need a house away from him.  He can’t interfere like that.  It’s not fair [yeah – I know that’s where I’m going wrong … still expecting ‘fairness’.  He clearly doesn’t know the meaning of the word].

Viewed a place this afternoon.  Tenders closed today so threw an offer in.  The likelihood of getting it for the price I’ve offered is zip.  It’s only 3-bedrooms but, with 190m², there’s scope to add another.   Is it now, universe?

Grateful for:

  1. first sunny day to enjoy daylight savings (couple of cider with street mums while kids all played together);
  2. floors mopped; and
  3. sod all contact from AH.

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