Mr Flexible

Haha … it’s funny … because he’s not!

Ms7 had a sore head at the end of Wed.  I told her to drink water and have a good night sleep and she’ll be fine in the morning.  But she wasn’t.  She wasn’t eating.  Her head still hurt.  She really wasn’t right.

It was changeover day.  Texted AH to let him know that she wasn’t going to school and he’d need to come home.

We’d already had a brief conversation: when he called at 07:30 to speak to the kids.  He hadn’t got hold of them the previous evening on my landline as we were at the neighbours … and, oddly, chose not to call the boys on their mobiles.  The kids haven’t done their morning jobs so, as per one of my boundaries, I don’t let him speak to them.

I already knew my text wouldn’t go down well.  And I was right.  I got “what’s wrong with her” then he phones and it’s “why am I only finding this out now” … “I’ve got meetings all day” … “she needs to go to school”.  I put her on so that he can tell her that directly. Thankfully, the pamol I’d given was working so at least her head wasn’t so sore, so off we go to school.

It was, therefore, surprising to get a message from AH this morning that Ms7 wasn’t going to school today.  Say what?!  She was sick yesterday yet you forced her to go to school because of your work commitments.  But, today, you keep her off?!

I speak to her and she sounds fine.  Her tummy is sore apparently.

In the interest of getting better communication between us, I thank AH for letting me know about Ms7.  I seem to have lost lots of M12’s clothes so ask that he puts all the boys clothes from my house together and leave them out for me.  First, he interrupts to ask if I’m coming back on Ms7’s birthday and I [foolishly] say ‘no’.  He brings up the plan made at the roundtable (meant to spend two hours with the non-week parent on their birthday) but I let him know my lawyer said I wouldn’t need to come back for that.  “I’ll be speaking with my lawyer”, he says.

Ever the controlling prick, he tells me he’s busy with work so he’ll only get to it at about 2 o’clock [?!].   It would take a minute to put the things in a bag, I explain, and that I need them so I can pack for my parents and ensure everything is clean.  I get a nasty comment about how I send clothes back dirty which is utter BS!  He’ll “do the clothes on his time, not when I want it done”  He really is evil, and I tell him so.

When I call again to speak to Ms7 about who she wants to invite to her birthday, AH has removed the anal probe and tells me I can get the clothes at 11 [½-hour away].  Why must it always be so damn hard!?

I get there 5 mins early (my German genes) and he’s just pulling out of his driveway with Ms7 in the back of the car.  They both see me – she’s waving – I actually thought he might stop so I can say hi to her and give her a hug (and give her the bag of colouring she wanted to take to his) … but, no!  Off he drives, denying me that hug.  And her, for that matter.

I call as I don’t want her stuff to get wet if they’re going to be a while.  I ask him why he drove off … “I’d left the clothes at the letterbox and had somewhere to go”.  Yes, with your daughter who was too sick to go to school … hhmm!

Evil, I tells ya.  EVIL!  Tries to sneak off 5 mins before arranged time so Ms7 wouldn’t get to see me … gets busted … looks like complete dickwad!

[Ms7 subsequently tells me that they’d gone to do her birthday shopping (he’d promised a $100 clothing spree so she got new Skechers today), and AH did something for his passport].

Grateful for:

  1. visit from Mr Lee last night;
  2. sorting Ms7’s birthday ‘party’ (1 friend to do what she wants) [even though AH had Ms7 with him today and the party will be on his day, he refused to even ask her what she wanted to do [“you discuss it with her … you dealing with it now”]; and
  3. being able to laugh at his craziness.

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