Well, that’s 3 loads of washing in my machine, and a huge load at the laundromat.  Another 2 (including clothes the kids may/may not have worn recently), all sheets, towels, stuffed toys, blankets, etc, etc.  And the neighbour has now been given a treatment too as her son had some spots appear.  I tell you, AH had better told Skank, Groslch … and Skank’s ex too.  I don’t want to have to go through this again in a hurry!

I’d like to text Skank’s ex and ensure he knows otherwise there’s going to be a never-ending cycle of mites between all 4 houses.  Not sure how he’ll take it, after my letting him know about his daughter’s inappropriate choice of conversations in the presence of my Ms8.  Skank’s ex was a good friend of AH’s so it was interesting that Ms8 asked if I was still friends with Shank’s ex.  ‘Of course I am’.  ‘Him and Daddy still say hi and shake hands when they see each other’, I’m told.  Skank’s ex is a better person than I am clearly … I know he’s pissed off with the whole situation, so to be able to shake the hands of the man who’s now poking his wife is impressive.

Took the boys for much-needed haircuts after school as AH chose not to notice how badly needed they were nor that he’s only picked up the tab 1 time since we split.  Another nice evening – M11 is so very tired but at least in charge of his emotions – we even manage to have our end-of-day card game without anyone being sent to bed.

Normally tomorrow would be changeover so surprised to find myself feeling quite relaxed about the thought of them being with me for 4 more sleeps.  Usually, by tonight, I’m already thinking of the lovely glass of cider I’ll be having the following evening.  M11 commented he still thinks a week is too long … but it’s early days.

Ms8 said at the dinner table that she’d now like to move to the place I wanted to relocate to.  Good God, kids!  Too late!  Mind you, if an affordable house doesn’t appear on the horizon soon, I might not have a choice but to still head up that way.  Maybe a bit of time might make them see that a bit of a longer commute to/from school to a great house, where they each have their own room, wouldn’t be the end of the world they thought it would (or were told it would be by AH).

Grateful for:

  1. AH NOT calling to say goodnight (M11 and Ms8 tell me he’s said he wants to know how their day was and to hear their voices.  I think that’s pathetic: yes, the kids enjoy hearing our voices but THEY don’t want a daily call.  And if it’s not to meet ‘their need’, then it’s simply to meet his.  He needs to acknowledge that);
  2. whipping ass in tonight’s Skip-bo card game; and
  3. pay day.

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