Great week

It’s an odd feeling tonight as I’ve had the kids for a whole 5 days now (except M12 going for his 1-on-1 last night).

And I’ve had to say a number of times this afternoon: “who are you and what have you done with the other children?”.  They’ve been so awesome.  They’ve done all their after school chores without grief.  They’ve supported each other.  M11 and M12 have both mowed parts of the lawn without complaint.  We picnic’d on the back lawn and all 3 of them contributed to the meal (ie drinks, cutlery, etc).

M11 bit at one stage, showing his jealousy towards Ms8, but it was put out quick and didn’t revisit.

After dinner, boys played on the street with another lad from up the road, and Ms8 and I popped over to a neighbour.  We came back and watched a bit of Dodgeball (right up M12’s comedic street), they laughed at my impression of what the cat was saying, ate ice cream, and chilled.

It’s really been a great Friday.  M11 even said “best week ever” [how easily pleased he is!].

AH didn’t call the kids.  Perhaps someone has made him realise he needs to nip that in the bud, as it’s about satisfying his needs, not the kids’.  Actually, there’s been nothing from him in any format from him today …. still waiting to hear what’s going to happen on his Thursdays but am sure there’s a letter from his lawyer on that to come soon …. so it’s great.

I think his ridiculous behaviour over the past few days (ie refusing to let me see M11’s journal, or to come paint a fence, or to confirm whether Skank or her ex knew about the scabies) has brought me out of my funk.  I’ve spent a few weeks really delving into ME and questioning if I deserve everything that’s come my way.  There’s been a lot of soul-searching.  But, this week, I know it’s not me.  I know he’s nuts.

And perhaps the kids being away from his crazy and his manipulation and his BS for longer periods will be a good thing.

Grateful for:

  1. mowed lawns;
  2. happy kids; and
  3. M12’s laugh while watching Dodgeball.

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